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Hiring a new employee can be stressful. From posting the position, to screening applicants and even on to training, a lot of time and energy is invested in the individual you select. This is why the job description you post can be incredibly important: it can ensure that you receive candidates who are really going to fit the mold you’ve built for a new employee. Here are some tips for writing a job description that works for you.

Compliance: There are some laws that dictate what must be included in a job description, including an equal opportunity statement. Make sure you’re aware of what rules apply to you and the job you’re posting.

Be Careful in Your Word Choice: When listing job requirements, especially, it is important to use verbiage that reflects the nature of the requirement. Consider saying the employee will be required to be able to “move” 50 lbs. rather than “lift” 50 lbs. so as to not exclude potential employees who could perform the task with the assistance of a dolly.

Keep Job Descriptions Up to Date: Perhaps when you were initially looking for a new employee you were needing someone to take on some functions of accounting, but an existing employee has added that task to their workload. If that skill is no longer needed, removing it ensures the job description is accurate for any who may apply.

Be Real About the Job: Don’t try to sell anyone on the position (sell them on your company, though!). Glossing over unpleasant duties or leaving them out altogether is unfair to the applicant and to you when the employee end sup finding a job elsewhere because they got more than they signed up for.

List Essential Functions Clearly: By law, employees must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without accommodation. If there are additional functions you’d like to inform applicants of, do it separate from the essential functions list to ensure you don’t accidentally exclude a potential employee with a disability who is able to perform the essential functions of the position.

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