With smart home technology on the rise, there are many new things that can help homeowners secure & improve their homes.


  1. Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. With smart detectors, we can receive alerts to our phones should anything be awry while we are away. This keeps homeowners from having to enter the home to find out there’s an issue with the air safety.
  2. Doorbell Cameras. With Wi-Fi connections, you can set up a camera one way or two way to interact with people at your door. You can decide whether to physically come to the door based on the face you see outside your door and help avoid opening your door for a potential robbery.
  3. Keyless Entry. With key-less entry, you can unlock doors using your smartphone. If you have kids who lose their keys (or spouses) it’s a convenient way to get them into the home and safe. You can also let house guests into your home without providing them with a key.
  4. Automatic Lighting. With automatic lighting, you can set your lights to come on at given times, with varying levels of brightness. This helps you keep your home secure with increased visibility while you’re off the premises.
  5. Smart Water Shut-Off Valves. Using smart valves, you can set them to be shut off when a leak is detected and avoid flooding and damage.
  6. Smart Home Security Systems. With smart home security systems, you can receive alerts directly to your smart phone whenever your security is compromised.
  7. Smart Outlets and Plugs. The technology in these new plugs and outlets allow you to track the usage in outlets and turn off power if you detect drains or dangerous usage.
  8. Smart Thermostats. Using these thermostats, you can regulate your home’s temperature from home, saving you on your energy bill, and still allowing you to keep a comfortable temperature whenever you’re home. They can also learn and anticipate the patterns and changes you’ll make.
  9. Mold Sensors. Mold sensors can monitor the moisture and mold situation in your home and alert you immediately should mold be present to protect your home from damage as well as the health of your family.
  10. Smart Blinds. You can set them to a specific schedule or control whether they’re open or closed via your phone. Keeping your blinds closed while you’re out of the home helps prevent thieves from seeing in and being tempted to enter and take what doesn’t belong to them.




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