5 Tips for Protecting Your Engagement Ring


5 Tips for Protecting Your Engagement Ring

  1.  Take your ring in for a yearly inspection. Your jeweler will make sure there aren’t any loose settings, damaged prongs, or any other issues. Not to mention, they’ll give your ring a nice shine and cleaning while you’re there, too!
  2. Keep your ring clean. Built up dirt can lead to long-term damage in your engagement ring if you are not regularly cleaning it. Ask your jeweler how to best clean your setting and how often to do so.
  3. Diamonds are forever – if you take care of your ring! Just because the rock on your finger is durable doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Prongs can dent, diamonds can chip at the right angle, and some elements can come loose. If necessary, remove it before participating in any rough activity.
  4. If you notice any damage to your engagement ring, take it to the jeweler immediately. Even something as simple as a worn prong could be fatal to your ring setting.
  5. Insure your ring! That little piece of jewelry on your left ring finger is more valuable that you know. Protect it against theft, misplacement, and damage.

You’ve got The One, you’ve got the ring, now get the coverage.

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