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Having the proper protection for your company is an important part of your business plan. It is a vital safety net to protect you, your family, and the assets you’ve worked so hard to earn.With the right type of coverage, you can also save your company thousands of dollars.

Support for repairing your facilities.
Commercial property insurance can provide the support you need to help your property recover from a covered loss.

Protection for transported items.
If your business relies on vehicles to transport products or goods, a commercial auto insurance policy will help not only cover the vehicle, but the loading and unloading process for the vehicle’s contents.

Financial assistance for lawsuits.
Should you find yourself in a legal situation, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to pay for a lawsuit. General liability insurance helps you pay for eligible losses resulting fromconstruction-site-build-construction-work-159306 being sued.
Defense for hiring
and firing.

Employers Liability Insurance (EPLI) helps protect you against any allegations from former employees.


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Protection for on the job injuries.
You need financial protection for potential on the job injuries sustained by employees. Not only is workers compensation required in most states, it gives you liability protection should an employee accuse you of negligence that resulted in the injury.

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