Baby Proof Your Home


Children learn about the world through exploration, touching and manipulating things. However, a home that isn’t prepared for children can be fraught with danger. One way that a parent can gain an appreciation of their home from their child’s point of view is to get down on all fours and crawl around. Things such as exposed wall sockets and vases sitting high overhead on tables become immediately apparent. To help with the baby proofing process, five tips are discussed next.

Use Outlet Protectors

While using simple outlet plugs do the job, they can also become choking hazards if removed and not put back into place. A preferable solution is to use outlet protectors that have a sliding latch. They give quick and convenient access for adults while providing safety for your child.

Secure or Remove Furniture and Objects That Can Fall

Secure furniture that can be tipped over such as chairs and tall reading lamps. Unstable bookcases must be secured to the wall and books kept out of reach and placed securely in the bookcase. Television sets, tall shelves and dressers should also be secured.

Remove Small Objects and Cords

Small objects lying around are choking hazards while electrical and drapery cords, string, ribbon and shoelaces are strangulation hazards. Many of the electrical devices we use, such as cell phones and laptops, have chargers with cords on them. Always keep these well out of reach of curious children.

Use Foam Bumpers on Corners and Edges

The corners and edges of furniture can cause head injury unless covered with foam bumpers. Immovable objects made of metal or concrete are especially hazardous.

Place Locks on All Cabinet Doors That Contain Harmful Items

These items include tools, knives, medicine, matches, cleaning agents and chemicals. Even salt can be harmful if large amounts are consumed.

Kids are natural daredevils who are curious about everything. As they grow and learn, they will find yet more ways to explore. Therefore, the most important tip of all is to keep them in safe areas and to always keep a watchful eye on them.

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