Boating Season is Almost Here



The weather is warming up and you may already been thinking of the summer. If you’ve gone ahead and purchased a boat for the warmer months, there are few insurance-related things to think about before hitting the waves.


  1. Make sure you have the right safety equipment: life jackets, fire extinguisher, floatable seat cushions, towing rope, etc.
  2. Sit down and think about which type of watercraft insurance you will want
    •  Actual Cash Value : Reimbursement for the current value of the boat (not the purchased price)
    •  Agreed Value : Reimbursement for the value of the boat at the time the policy is written.
  3. Have all potential drivers  take a boat safety class . This may even provide you a discount on your premiums based on proof of passing the class.
  4. Think about having enough  liability insurance  or consider purchasing an  umbrella policy  to protect you against passenger injury.

Call us today to get a quote on watercraft insurance at 615-209-9362. We will work hard to get the right coverage for your new toy. 


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