Flood – Are You Ready?


Many Americans are not adequately prepared for a flood. Whether their property isn’t covered by flood insurance, or they simply don’t understand flood warnings and how to prepare for the dangers ahead, many Americans are grievously unprepared and at risk.

That doesn’t have to be you! We’ve assembled some quick knowledge and tips to help you protect your family and your property.

Watches vs. Warnings
You’ve probably heard flood watches and warnings on the news or floating at the bottom of the screen while you’re watching tv, but you may not know they actually have different meanings.

  • A flood watch means that rain fall is heavy enough that rivers could overflow as a result.
  • A flood warning will describe the severity of the situation and pinpoint the areas expected to be effected.

If a flash flood warning is issued, you should get to higher ground immediately.

Plan Ahead
The best way to keep your family safe and minimize risks during a disaster is to plan for it before it happens.

  • Create an evacuation plan for your family.
    • How will you get off the property and where will you go?
    • How will you communicate if you’re separated at the time of the disaster?
  • Maintain a supply of emergency materials
    • Consider nails, hammers, plywood, plastic sheeting, flashlights, sandbags and a first aid kit
    • A stash of food and water, as well as cash and credit cards will help with your evacuation and save you precious time.
  • Be aware of the locations of off switches for gas, electric and water. Make sure that they are off before you leave.
  • Keep an inventory of your possessions and keep it off your property (Safe Deposit boxes are a good choice).
  • Have a system installed to prevent water from backing up in your sewage system.
  • Know what your policies cover: does your auto policy cover flood?
    • A homeowner’s policy will not cover flood damage, so make sure you have separate flood insurance protecting your property and belongings.

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