How Much Contractor Insurance

How Much Contractor Insurance

This is a basic insurance policy that all professional in the construction industry should at least have. Many countries require all businesses to at least have this policy as it covers claims for injuries, property damages, and projects not satisfactorily completed.

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The GL package consists of basic coverage which includes.

  • Medical Expenses – This is a cover that caters to medical expenses for a third party person. The contractor is not necessarily to be blamed for the accident, but the law requires the injured person to be compensated. The GL cover will save the contractor from servicing the claim which at times is not due to his/her faults.
  • Products-Completed Operations – A contractor may be sued for injuries to a third party resulted from their work. Errors occur, and construction can collapse and injure a person. The law requires the person to be compensated by the contractor on site and it will be a great loss if they have no insurance coverage.
  • Advertising and Personal Injury – A contractor can be sued from injuries inflicted on others due to their advert; compensations derived from copyright lawsuits will leave a non-insured company with a financial problem.

Employees in contracting-and-construction-related businesses are at a higher risk for injury than many other industries. When you want your company to run efficiently and to protect yourself and your workers from the effects of injury and illness on the job, look to Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

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Workers’ Compensation

As a contractor, you’ve been careful to give your workers safety training and do all you could to ensure a safe work environment. When that isn’t enough, Workers’ Compensation Insurance will protect your business and your employees from work-related:

  • Injuries –  Repetitive motion fall, equipment accident, or other injury isn’t uncommon in the construction field.
  • Illnesses – Workers’ Compensation covers illnesses that are work related, such as sicknesses caused by exposure to harmful materials.

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How Much Contractor Insurance
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