How to Take Care of Your Boat


Taking out your very own boat is an exciting and thrilling experience. You can invite friends, eat and party on the water. But as much fun as your boat can be, it’s important to maintain it properly. Proper maintenance ensures that you can continue to enjoy your boat year after year.

Make sure that you’re properly checking your battery level and charging. Check the liquid levels in the battery and make sure to keep your battery clean and dry. Damp conditions will damage your battery.

Flush your engine after every excursion. You should pay attention to engine oil levels and always ensure that your engine cooling system is working at full efficiency.

Check Your Propeller
A propeller with even the smallest dent could damage the performance of your watercraft. Remove the propeller and check for damage before every launch. A damaged propeller can set off a chain reaction that creates further danger to you as a passenger and to your boat. You should also use a waterproof grease on your propeller shaft to protect the propeller from corrosion.

Change Your Oil
Usually, you can get a good estimation of how often you should change your boat’s engine oil based on your specific boat model. If you’re unsure, usually every 100 hours of operation or once per year, is a solid rule of thumb. You can have your oil professionally changed at a dealer or you can change the oil yourself.

Washing your boast is especially important if your boat is going into saltwater. Any time a boat is in saltwater, it should be rinsed off with freshwater and then properly cleaned. A boat brush with soft bristles combined with a marine boat wash or car wash soap should do the job just fine.

Perhaps one of the most important maintenance components is related to storage. It is important to look into your best options for storing your boat in the colder months to protect your vessel from winter damage. Every individual model should have best practices. If you don’t have a guidebook on care for your particular model, it’s worth consulting a specialist. Winter can be a dangerous time for your boat and you want to make sure she’s protected.

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