Lightning Strikes – What you Need to Know


Lightning strikes are common across the country, regardless of climate. And they can be devastating to property and people alike. It is important to have a good understanding of how you can protect yourself during a storm should lightning be a factor.

Fiction: Lightning never strikes the same place twice.
Fact: Lightning has struck many places over and over. It especially seems to like tall pointy and isolated things, like the Empire State Building, which has been hit about a dozen times in a single storm.

Fiction: You should hide under a tree during a lightning storm for shelter.
Fact: It is incredibly dangerous to hide under a tree in a storm. In fact, being under a tree is the 2nd leading cause of deaths by lightning.

Fiction: You can’t touch someone who has been struck by lightning, because you will be electrocuted.
Fact: This is simply not true. The body does not store electric charges. You can absolutely touch a victim and help them however you can.

Fiction: Metal attracts lightning.
Fact: Lightning is not more prone to strike you if you’re wearing metal (think of all the Crusaders in their chainmail). Metal is an excellent conductor of electricity, however, so you don’t want to go around clinging to chain link fences during a storm. If one part of the fence is struck, you could get electrocuted from a very far distance.

Fiction: Lightning only strikes during a storm.
Fact: Lightning can strike at anytime, anywhere. Lightning has, and will strike during clear skies and sunshine.

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