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Many motorcyclists understand the safety measures to take when hitting the road for a ride, but did you know that by ensuring proper rider attire you can help protect yourself from serious harm? Here are some important pieces of clothing that you should consider adding to your safety checklist.

Leather Material
Though commonly misunderstood as a fashion statement, leather apparel is actually made of soft and thick material that is developed to keep from grabbing like other fabrics. Additionally, leather slides and protects the skin from scrapes.

By wearing gloves during rides, you can help protect your hands from the elements as well as if you need to use them to brace for a fall.

Body Armor
Impact-resistant foam protective gear worn under clothing can help further cushion your body’s impact in an accident.

Wearing a helmet shouldn’t be a big surprise when talking about motorcycle safety. However, since almost half of motorcycle-related fatalities happened when riders weren’t wearing one, it’s important to address proper helmet wear. Be sure to wear your helmet at all times – even when simply riding down the street. Make sure that your helmet meets the Department of Transportation safety standards, fits appropriately, and has a face shield in order to ensure that it will protect your head and face

Protective motorcycle boots are specifically designed to help give you traction, protect against the elements, and even reinforce your ankles and soles.

Your safety is important to us. If you have any questions or wish to review your current motorcycle insurance plan, please give us a call today at 615-209-9362.



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