One Reason to Buy Renter’s Insurance


Many renters feel that there is little value in renter’s insurance. Often, this is because they don’t believe their possessions are worth very much money. But more often than not, this evaluation is incorrect.

Let’s do a quick estimate of the value of your possessions.

Bedroom: $6500

  • Clothes: You’re thrifty, but you’ve still got a good amount of clothes, so the cost to replace your entire wardrobe is $2500.
  • Bed and Bedding: Sure you bought your sheets on sale, but that mattress and frame are going to cost at least $900 to replace.  Add 3 sets of $30 sheet sets, you’re looking at around $1000.
  • Furniture $3,000.

Office/Living Room: $6170

  •  Laptop and wifi streaming connectivity: Combined at a total of $1170
  • That 43” flat screen will run you around $400 to replace.
  • Because sometimes, you need that video game release at the end of the day, plan for another $600 to replace your system and games.
  • Furniture 4,000.

Miscellaneous: $1650

  • How did you make it to work on time before you had an exercise machine? Tack on $350 for your early morning workouts.
  • Don’t forget those high quality headphones. Are you ready to downgrade to classic buds? Add another $300 to keep your current listening quality.
  • Bicycle $1,000.

Kitchen: $3000

  • Nothing beats fresh juice from your top of the line juicer. A replacement will set you back just shy of $400.
  • Dishes $200.00.
  •  Another small appliances $300.
  • Professional pots & pans $300.
  • Furniture $1,800.

    Grand Total: $ 17320

    You might be able to afford to replace all these items, but imagine instead of digging into your savings, you simply filed your claim and the replacement of your treasured items was taken care of. Your possessions are worth more than you think. Renters insurance is an expensive way to protect the things you care about.

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