Personal Annual Review

Personal Annual Review

You Aren’t Just Anyone

You need a personal annual review. Insurance policies are made to be customized for a reason. The business executive has more income and assets to protect from liability claims than the recent college graduate. Families have more people to think about than young single people or an empty nester. And it is worth noting that the single person, the recent college graduate, the business executive and the empty nester can all be the same person…at different times. We all have different pursuits, different incomes, different bank balances at different points in time. The insurance policies that make up your insurance program – your blanket of protection – need to be tweaked from time-to-time so that you are getting the right protection and benefiting from all available discounts.

Big Changes Impact Insurance Needs and Discounts:

Big events can influence our insurance options and decisions, though we don’t always connect the event with insurance. Here are a few of the larger life changes that have implications for your personal insurance program:

  • Buying a new house
  • Remodeling your house or adding a new pool
  • A change in your marital status
  • Welcoming a new child into your home or proudly watching one leave
  • A significant change in home values and building costs

Little Changes Matter Too:

And it’s especially easy to miss the connection between less consequential milestones and your insurance. Here are a few of those.

  • One of your kids makes the honor roll
  • Your new vehicle has updated safety equipment
  • Hooray! You pay off your car loan.
  • You begin to travel more
  • A business opportunity has allowed you to work from home
  • You shift more of your purchases to online

We Make Insurance Reviews Easy:

These lists aren’t anywhere near to being inclusive, but as exhaustive as the list of possibilities might seem, an insurance review doesn’t need to be exhausting. We would love for all of our clients to stop in and see us and let us help them review their needs over a cup of coffee, but not everyone has time to carve out for a meeting.  You can get your review started in just a few moments with just a few simple questions, all handled right from your smartphone, if you want.