How to Protect Your Jewelry

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Jewelry collections are often very personal. We pass down heirloom jewelry, and hold onto jewelry that is given to us by that special person in our lives. The value is much greater than the actual value of the jewelry. So, while you may carry plenty of insurance to cover the loss of your items, you still really don’t want to lose a single piece. Here are some security protocols you can put in place to keep your jewelry where it belongs: with you.

  1. Find the right safe. All safes are not equal. You want to make sure that you’ve selected a safe that deters criminals, as well as keeps out the more determined thieves.  Weight is the biggest factor in overall security of the safe. You want a heavy safe (750 lbs to 1000 lbs) with a thick steel door and a reputable security ranking.
  2. Make sure all maintenance is done by a professional. If you find you’ve caused even minor damage to a piece, take it in for repair at a reputable establishment. Maintenance should also be done regularly to keep your items in tip top shape.
  3. Thoroughly vet employees. You may not think much of it, but employees in your home gain knowledge of security cameras, codes and safety protocols. That information can be damaging to the security of your home as a whole.
  4. Maintain Security Standards While Traveling. If you’re traveling with high value jewelry, you should consider hiring security to protect you and your items. You should also hold all hotels you stay in to the same security standards as you keep at home. If you have doubts about the hotel room safe, request your items to be placed in the hotel safe.
  5. Insure Your Jewelry. You don’t want to lose your jewelry, but if you do, you want to make sure that you will be able to recoup the loss. With a collection worth over $5,000, you may need an inland marine policy also called a personal articles floater to cover your items. Make sure to speak with your agent about protecting your assets wherever you go.  Call AmeriAgency at 615-209-9362 to get a quote.

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