Super Cool Amazon Gifts-For a Gag!

  1.  Beardo Original Detachable Beard Hat About $27


2. Spokester Bicycle Noise Maker – Makes Your Bike Sound Like a Motorcycle- About $10


3.  Teanfa Pet Umbrella (Dog Umbrella) Keeps your Pet Dry and Comfortable in Rain- About $7

4. Eggs are sides for bacon shirt- about $15

5.  It’s raining men umbrella- about $20


6.  ANNE TAINTOR – “Helpless without Her” Sticky Notes- about $7
ANNE TAINTOR 73062 "Helpless without Her" Sticky Notes
7. Awkward Family Photos Calendar- about $11
8. Nothing – You Said You Wanted Nothing by Gears Out-
                                               about $12

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