Super Dogs Need Super Prep


Are you bringing a dog or other domestic animal into your home as a pet? If you are planning on adding a member to your family, there are certain steps you should take to prepare your home for the new four-legged friend.

Install a “doggy door”
These are a must-have for pet owners, and can be used for cats that go outside, too! Most hardware stores sell easy-to-install pet-doors. Or, if you’d like to build and install your own, there are several different designs to choose from. However you install it, you’ll be glad you don’t have to worry about your new friend making a mess inside!

Install baby gates and other blockades around home
If, for example, you want to keep your dog or cat out of the kitchen (where dangerous “human foods” can be stolen), you may want to consider putting up a small baby gate to prevent your animals from going in. These can be put up in bedroom doorways, as well.

Purchase plenty of cleaning equipment
Even with a doggy door and baby gates, you’re still going to have messes. There’s no way around it!

3072390576_9d15f2df74Reorganize household items so valuables can’t be reached
Your pets, at times, are going to be bored. They are also, at times, going to run amuck inside your home. It’s best to move valuables items to “higher ground” while you train your new four-legged family member.


Prepare a place for the pet to sleep
Pets need their own place to feel safe and sound while they snuggle up for the night!

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