Tips for Driving after Dark

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Everyone knows that driving comes with risks. But are you aware that driving at night is more dangerous? Lowered visibility combined with drowsy driving leads to a greatly increased risk of danger. Below are some tips to help you navigate the added risks that come with .



  1. NEVER drink and drive. Period. Don’t. Do. It.
  2. Watch for deer. If you see one, assume there are more around the corner.
  3. Always drive with your headlights on.
  4. If incoming lights are blinding you, use the right side of the road as a guide.
  5. Do not use your high beams in proximity to other cars.
  6. Look for quick bursts of headlights. They can be indication of curves ahead.
  7. Use glasses with anti-reflective lenses. This is still useful even if you do not normally wear glasses.
  8. Minimize bright lights inside your vehicle. The contrast can make it difficult for you to focus on the road.
  9. Adjust your rearview mirror to prevent it reflecting the light from the headlights of other cars.
  10. If you’re driving for longer periods, make regular stops for snacks, quick exercise or even a nap.
  11. Don’t allow your focus to become fixed in any particular place. Continuously keep your eyes moving.
  12. Watch your speed: you should always be able to come to a complete stop within the distance made visible by your headlights.
  13. Make sure your headlights are properly aimed. (you don’t want them angled too low for example).
  14. If you’re following another car, increase the distance beyond what you’d normally leave during daytime driving.
  15. Make sure your windows, lights, signal lights and taillights are clean and in working condition.

Bonus: NEVER drink and drive. (I know, I already said it, but it really can’t be stressed enough)

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