Why Life Insurance Matters

When the unthinkable happens, life insurance is a key to the future.

Before his office opened on April 30, Nationwide agent Nathan Nixon saw a car pull up to the Hayes-Rasbury Insurance Agency in Birmingham, Ala. A young woman in pajamas stepped out and walked up to the door. Nixon took a deep breath. He knew this was the moment of truth.

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The young woman—the daughter of two longtime Nationwide policyholders—had come to settle her parents’ estate following the deadly tornadoes in April. She was at her fiancé’s house when the tornado sirens blared, and her parents told her to stay put. She listened. She survived the storm; her parents didn’t. Now she was looking to her insurance agent to help her sort out the next steps.

“All she knew was that her parents told her to come here if anything ever happened to them,” Nixon says.

In addition to helping her through the claims process, Nixon called the funeral home with her parents’ life insurance information so the young woman could finalize the funeral arrangements. He even contacted the manager at her parents’ bank. “The storm took everything,” Nixon says. “She didn’t have a paper trail, and she wasn’t sure what accounts her parents had.”

Nixon says moments like these show how Nationwide lives up to our On Your Side® promise.

“I felt like it was my responsibility to go above and beyond,” Nixon says. “We couldn’t take away the emotional part of what she was going through, but at least we help by providing the money she needs for the future.”

It’s Your Life To find out what kind of life insurance might be right for you and your loved ones, check out the Nationwide Life Insurance Wizard.

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