Affordable Texas Home Insurance Quotes

If you find yourself humming “Texas, our Texas,” then you’re probably looking for a way to save on your homeowners premiums in the Lone Star State. With affordable homeownership here in the second most populous state in the nation, many of the estimated 27,469,114 people that live here either live in a home or have the American dream of owning a house one day. That is where AmeriAgency comes in.

They Say That “Everything Is Bigger In Texas”

Unfortunately, that can be the case with homeowner premium costs sometimes! From Anderson County to Zavala County, we have you covered at Insurance Hub. In fact, we love the motto adopted by Texans, “Friendship.” That is why our agents are educated on how to save you as much money as possible with our “friendly” homeowners rate.

Why are Texas home insurance rates BIGGER than many other states sometimes?

To answer that question in one word: tornadoes. However, that fact alone doesn’t mean we can’t save you money on insuring your home or ranch.

How much will my new Texas home insurance policy cost?

The three biggest things that affect pricing are:

  1. Your home’s value: The average home is $153,300 in the state of Texas according to
  2. Dangerous weather: Unfortunately, Texas averages 128 tornadoes every year, resulting in an average of 10 people dying annually.
  3. Crime: In the state of Texas, you have a 1 in 30 chance of being a victim of personal crime.

How can InsuranceHub help you get the best rates on your homeowners premiums?

This is our specialty. We have been in the insurance game since 1998 and have connections with all of the best insurance companies across the United States.

Choose from quotes from the best Texas home insurance companies

Do you like choices? Since we are an independent agency, that means you get to choose what company you would like to work with.

We will ask you a few questions, so we can prepare as many free affordable Texas home insurance quotes for you as possible to select from. You are the boss, which means that means you get to choose.

How many of these Texas home insurance discounts do you qualify for?


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Affordable homeowner insurance quotes in Texas

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