The Best Homeowners Insurance 

The best homeowners insurance is for you if you own a home, vacation home, or are purchasing a home. If you own a condo, town house, or row home you need condo insurance—or renters insurance if you rent from someone else. Not sure? Get a homeowners insurance quote, and we’ll make sure you get the right policy.

If you have a mortgage, your lender will likely require you to get insurance for your home. We’ll help take care of the details with your lender. Plus, in most situations, you’ll be able to combine your insurance payments with your mortgage bill (called escrow).

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The best homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from the things that can damage your home, belongings, or hurt you financially. It covers wind/hail damage, fires, lightning, theft, and more. Plus it covers injuries that occur on your property and lawsuits against you, such as someone suing you because they were hurt at your home.

Condo Insurance coverages we offer

We offer coverages for your belongings, any upgrades you make to your condo (granite countertops, custom cabinets, etc.), lawsuits against you, and more. Keep in mind, your association covers the physical structure of your condo. Get a condo insurance quote online, and we’ll have expert agents standing by to guide you through all your choices.

Flood Insurance

To make sure you have the best homeowners insurance policy you may need to add a flood policy! 

 It doesn’t matter if you live in a flood plain, every property owner is susceptible to flood damage and your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover it. Let us give you a flood insurance quote today!

When your home is flooded, it can lead to financial ruin if you don’t have the proper insurance. And note this: Even the best homeowners insurance policy won’t cover your flood damage! You need flood insurance – a special policy backed by the federal government, with cooperation from local communities and private insurance companies.

To make sure you have the best homeowners insurance policy you may need to add a flood policy!


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