AmeriAgency Insurance Newsletter Ideas


AmeriAgency Insurance Newsletter Ideas

Timely Topics

  • Have you downloaded our 2021 Social Media Calendar? There are 5-8 ideas per month in this calendar, ranging from the useful (tax day is coming) to the silly (Talk Like a Pirate Day). Feel free to add them to your newsletter or expand on them to create your top story. Click here to download it.
  • Awareness months. We included plenty of these on the social media calendar linked above, but there are always more. Think about your book of business – what health conditions do you *know* your clients have? Chances are, there’s an awareness month for that condition. Include resources, anecdotes, or personal experience that a client or subscriber might find helpful.
  • Holidays. Is there a holiday coming up? Will it affect your office hours or availability? You can also share how you celebrate that holiday, if you want to let your subscribers get a peek behind the scenes.
  • Seasonal reminders. Be helpful! Include reminders about common household tasks you want your clients to do, whether or not they involve insurance. Examples: testing and changing smoke detector batteries, checking weather stripping, checking air pressure in car tires, swapping old lightbulbs for more efficient bulbs, etc.

Local Topics

  • Upcoming events. If you serve a local clientele, include a list of things going on that are free or low-cost to attend. Local news station websites often have an event calendar, and free regional weekly papers are a great source for cultural events.
  • Family-friendly events. Are there well-baby events going on near you in the upcoming weeks? A new park or trail opening? A community trunk-or-treat or Easter egg hunt? Google “your town name + local event calendar” and see what interesting things you can find for your clients and their kids to do in the near future.
  • Business shout-outs. Do you have business-owning clients? If so, start collecting information about them – when they were founded, what they offer, etc. You can give them shout-outs in your newsletter on important anniversaries or just because. You can also share local business recommendations that have nothing to do with your clients.
  • School shout-outs. Did a local high school just win a football championship? Did a student place in the National Merit Scholarship competition? Your local newspaper (or their website) is a great source of info on local school shout-outs you can give to stay connected with the community.


  • Definitions. Insurance is confusing – but you’ve probably forgotten *how* confusing the jargon can be. Consider including a definition in each issue of your newsletter. Don’t expect your clients to remember it, but it may answer a question or spark a new one they want to ask you about. You can also be a little salesy with this, and include a standard definition followed by your take on it. For example, if you define “indexed IUL,” add your two cents – who is this product best for? If you need a place to start, try Investopedia’s Financial Terms Dictionary.
  • Thought-provoking questions. Consider leaving your clients with a new question each month. For example: if stock market returns averaged 2% for the next 15 years due to repeated boom-and-bust cycles, how would your retirement portfolio be affected? If your spouse got disabled for 6 months as of tomorrow, what would you do?
  • Answers to common client questions. You get asked questions all the time – but do you stop and collect them so you can use them in your newsletter? If not, start doing that right now, and you can dip into this question bank whenever you need something to cover.
  • Questions your clients have asked over the past month. This is similar, but a little more focused. This is most helpful when deadlines are looming: at the end of the year, during open enrollment, and during tax time. Questions like this might include how much grandparents can gift to grandkids up to the gift tax exemption, or how to reduce tax liability by contributing to a 401(k) before the federal income tax deadline in April.