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Tips For Night Driving

Did you know that driving at night can be just as dangerous as distracted or impaired driving? Darkness brings additional challenges to see and be seen on the road, so here are some tips to help you drive safely at night.

AmeriAgency Has The Lowest Auto Insurance Quotes, Nashville, TN

The eyes have it. The more birthdays we have, the more important it is to get our eyes examined. Get routine checkups and schedule additional appointments if you notice changes in your vision. All in favor say, “eye”!

A clean slate. Your vehicle’s windows, wipers, mirrors, lights, and windshield should be clean and clear before moving into drive. Keep a dry cloth in your vehicle year-round and a snow brush/ice scraper during the winter to have on hand when needed.

Lighten up. Make sure all the lights on your vehicle—headlights, brake lights, taillights, and turn signals—are working properly. Also, use the vehicle’s lights correctly to get optimal sight lines without distracting other drivers. Headlights should be aimed at the road, not at other drivers. Turn off high beams if another car is approaching, and don’t use fog lamps on a clear night. The dashboard lights should be visible but not distracting.

AmeriAgency Has The Lowest Auto Insurance Quotes, Nashville, TN

Strangers in the night. Bats aren’t the only creatures that come out at night. There is an increased chance of encountering drowsy or impaired drivers during the evening hours. Beware of wildlife lurking near roadways and construction that may not be well lit or marked.

If you notice suspicious activity in your driving path, slow down. If you are blinded by the lights from oncoming traffic, look toward the right edge of the road and use the white line as a guide until the vehicle passes, or you can see clearly again. If the lights from a vehicle traveling behind you shine too bright, reduce the glare by changing the setting on your vehicle’s rearview mirror.

At AmeriAgency, our focus is you!  Use these tips to drive safely at night and return home for a peaceful sleep. Sweet dreams!

AmeriAgency Has The Lowest Auto Insurance Quotes Nashville, TN