Average Car Insurance Rate in Nashville TN

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Average Car Insurance Rate in Nashville TN

Average Car Insurance Rate in Nashville TN

AmeriAgency Beats the Average Car Insurance Rate in Nashville TN

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What’s the average cost of car insurance in America?

The average cost of car insurance is $1,426 per year, or $118.63 per month. Auto insurance costs vary widely based on individual rating factors, but we created an “average” user profile and gathered rates from major insurers to develop these figures. Dive into the data below to see how age, gender, location, and vehicle type can impact insurance premiums.

What’s the Average Car Insurance Rate in Nashville TN?

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How much should you pay for car insurance?



Which car insurance companies are the most affordable in 2018?

As part of our car insurance rate analysis, we compared premiums from some of America’s most popular insurers. Check out average car insurance rates from the best car insurance companies below — but keep in mind your rates will vary, depending on your driving history.

6-Month Average Car Insurance Rates — Major Companies

Company Premium
Allstate $786
Geico $709
Farmers $677
Liberty Mutual $736
Nationwide $644
Progressive $729
State Farm $748
USAA $734

As you can see, amongst the car insurance companies we surveyed Nationwide was the cheapest for our average profile. Consider, our individual profile might not be reflective of you. Meaning, you should use our auto insurance premiums as a jumping off point and explore as many car insurance companies as possible.

AmeriAgency Beats the Average Car Insurance Rate in Nashville TN

Average car insurance rates by age

Age is a big component of auto insurance premiums. Age is a reliable indicator of how risky a driver you will be to your insurance company. In fact, every year you celebrate a birthday, you should consider it an opportunity to shop around for cheaper car insurance rates. The below data shows the strong correlation between age and car insurance rates.

6-Month Average Cost of Car Insurance by Age

Age Premium
16-19 $2,575
20-29 $959
30-39 $704
40-49 $678
50-59 $629
60-69 $644
70-79 $757
80-85 $902

Looking at the data above, you can see that those between the ages of 50-59 pay the least amount for car insurance for a 6-month policy – all other variables constant. However, aside very young and very old drivers, your age isn’t that impactful on the average cost of car insurance. Between the ages of 30-60, the average difference in premium is only $20. Given this, it’s important to consider other rating factors that might be more impactful on your premium.

Car insurance rates by gender

6 Month Average Car insurance Premiums by Gender

Male Female
$717 $714

Although many people assume car insurance costs vary greatly between men and women, it’s a minor factor when you look at the bigger picture. However, gender does play a factor in premiums for young drivers. On average, male drivers between the ages of 16-19 pay almost $600 more per year than do female teens.

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