Bricklayers Insurance

Aseguranzas para Contratistas

Insurance for Bricklayers

We specialize in insurance for trades in the building industry, and bricklayers make up many of them.

We assist self-employed masons and bricklaying businesses with a range of insurance types, including general lability and workers’ compensation.

If you are a bricklayer, you are almost by definition going to be working on a building site. Accidents can happen, some of which can happen to you, your employees and even to members of the public. Bricklayers insurance is designed to protect you from the financial fallout from such incidents and accidents.

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Not every bricklayer has the same work risks, so any insurance you arrange needs to meet the requirements of your particular business. With our knowledge, AmeriAgency can help you find the policy that best suits you at a competitive rate.

Get Same-day Bricklayer Insurance

With AmeriAgency, masons can get coverage on the same day they apply for quotes. Fill out our easy application to compare business insurance quotes from top-rated providers.

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Any bricklaying business large or small runs the risk of accident or injury every day on the job, and because of this require insurance to make sure that both them and their businesses are covered. AmeriAgency offers an entire suite of bricklayers insurance that benefit thousands of trades people up and down the country. Our insurance for bricklayers ranges from public liability insurance, accident and sickness insurance, and tools cover. All our bricklayer’s insurance policies can be purchased easily via our online shop and customers can get quotes easily within minutes.

Why Do You Need Bricklayers Insurance?

From stone cutting to grinding, your work means high risk for your small business. Masonry contractor insurance helps cover stonework and bricklaying accidents, property damage lawsuits, tool theft, and medical bills.

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Bricklayers Insurance
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