Business Insurance In Nashville TN

Business Insurance In Nashville TN

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Protect Your Business From Lawsuits

If you’re a business owner, you might want to take what I’m about to share with you really seriously. As a matter of fact, it might save your business from crumbling one day.

Look, I understand that you have great clients. And in fact, your clients are the best in the world and they would never sue you.

And if this mindset sounds familiar to you, you may be erroneously reaching the conclusion that you don’t need business insurance.

Lawsuits have many causes and effects. Unfortunately, litigation is often used strategically to protect or identify liability.

Let me explain this with a few real-life examples…

A photographer is shooting senior photos for a client. As the family walks into the studio, the mother trips over the cord for the flash and falls to the ground, breaking her collarbone. The family sues the photographer for $75,000 in medical damages.

Here’s another one…

A sporting goods distributor is sued for $500,000 when a jungle gym they sold breaks and injures a customer’s child.

In each of these two examples, the insurance company would cover the cost of the lawsuit, paying for a lawyer to represent the company and covering the final judgment or settlement in the case. The judgment is when the judge or jury rules on a dollar amount you owe the party suing your business.

However, some cases are resolved before that point. Settlements occur when both parties voluntarily agree on an amount of damages out of court.

One of the benefits of having insurance is that the insurance company often helps small businesses settle their lawsuits. The insurance company can pay for a settlement, which will help you avoid wasting time (and more money) in the courtroom and get you back to business.

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