Concrete Contractors Insurance

Concrete Contractors Insurance

Concrete contractors do a number of different jobs including applying concrete on construction projects; finishing concrete slabs and footings; constructing foundations, sidewalks, concrete patios, concrete parking lots, curbs, culverts, and guttering; pumping concrete; concreting grout; applying shotcrete; and installing and finishing precast concrete. They are an integral part of most construction projects. If you are an independent concrete contractor or if you own a business that subcontracts this sort of work, you will need to build a suitable concrete contractors insurance portfolio to protect your business interests. An independent insurance agent can help. Are you in Nashville?

Concrete Contractors in the U.S.: Industry Facts From IBISWorld, 2014

Liability Insurance: You Cannot Work Without It

Many states mandate that you carry liability insurance in order to be a licensed contractor. Furthermore, anyone who hires you to do concrete contracting work is likely to require you to show them proof of your general liability insurance coverage. It is therefore very important that you carry this insurance.

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Liability insurance can shield your firm from overwhelming financial losses in the event of a lawsuit, but it is necessary that you have the right types of coverage. Your independent insurance agent will likely speak with you about:

Concrete Contractors and Workers Compensation Insurance

There are a number of ways that concrete contractors can be injured on the job. They can be struck by construction equipment or falling objects, they can be injured while operating machinery such as excavators, they can suffer muscle strains or hernias from heavy lifting, or they can be injured in any number of other ways. Workers’ compensation insurance protects your business from liability lawsuits by covering resultant medical expenses and lost wages, and in the case of fatal accidents, paying survivor benefits to the worker’s family.

Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but even if your concrete contracting firm is located in a state that does not, those who hire you for work are very likely to require proof that you carry this coverage. If you are hired by a general contractor or directly by a building owner, they are likely to ask you to provide them with a waiver of subrogation. This comes from your workers’ compensation insurance company and provides those named with a guarantee that the insurance company will not try to recoup losses by suing them for negligence on the work site.

Some workers’ compensation insurance companies are better than others at dealing with construction site injuries. Your independent insurance agent can help you find a company that can serve as a useful resource for safety protocols and information.

Get Coverage To Adequately Insure Your Business Property

Concrete contractors rely on tools and machinery to complete their jobs. These tools and machinery can be extremely expensive, so you will want to be certain that they are covered while they are being used at a job site. Your business insurance policy will include coverage for this property while you are storing it at your central business location, but when you are on the job site, there are two ways you can secure coverage:

Your independent agent may also talk to you about extra expense insurance. This coverage reimburses you for expenses incurred if your administrative or central office is damaged by a covered event and you have to rent temporary office space while repairs are made.Let an Independent Agent Help You Build Your Concrete Contractors Insurance Portfolio

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