Construction Insurance Tennessee

Construction Insurance Tennessee

Contractors Require Special Attention from Us

Being insured is vital to any construction contractor. There are many types of insurance coverages required by contractors.

Insurance coverages required by contractors are mandatory by law and others are optional. The type and limits of coverage you need depend on the size of the construction or remodeling projects you undertake, the type of activity you perform, the amount of work you subcontract to others, and other related criteria. Consult two or three insurance agents. They will compare the prices offered by various insurance companies in order to get you the best rate and insurance coverage for your business, based on your particular needs.

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Construction contractors are accustomed to purchasing many different insurance policies. Indeed, many contractors and subcontractors include specific requirements regarding the types and amounts of insurance coverage they need. Contractors don’t have as much information about what these policies cover and, more importantly, what they don’t cover. Managing risk and operating your business effectively requires a basic understanding of what risks you can insure, also effectively. The following are the main insurance policies for construction contractors.

In many cases, homeowners have insurance coverage for their properties, but it generally does not extend to cover new construction. The risks of damage to the property and to the “work itself” are often covered by insurance policies for construction contractors. Construction risk policies can fill the gaps in property damage that sometimes leave out policies at other agencies. We see owners and contractors purchasing policies from the builder based on price and contractual obligations.


The BOP covers real estate and other properties that your business owns and that are located in the commercial premises described. If your business rents or leases its premises, the BOP provides coverage for tenant improvements and improvements. These are fixtures, alterations, installations or additions that you have placed in the space and that cannot be legally removed from the landlord’s premises.
Sin embargo, su mayor exposición a pérdidas de propiedad personal puede involucrar maquinaria y equipos valiosos que se mueven de un trabajo a otro y que no están cubiertos por el seguro de propiedad estándar. Estos bienes muebles están asegurados por contratos que las aseguradoras llaman “flotantes”.

However, your increased exposure to personal property losses may involve valuable machinery and equipment that moves from job to job and is not covered by standard property insurance. This personal property is insured by contracts that insurers call “floating.

An installer’s float covers all types of machinery and equipment during transit, installation and testing at the customer’s premises. Even building materials may be covered, but the most common coverage is for equipment or machinery that only contractors install, such as heating or air conditioning. The policy can be written to cover a single job or on a report form, which means you provide the insurer with information about each new contract you undertake.

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