Contractor General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance coverage is to protect business from monetary damages they may become legally obligated to pay because of “bodily injury” or “property damage” to a third party which results from an accident or occurrence. We will review your exposures to get the most comprehensive coverage at the best price to protect your assets. Our agents help you understand the coverage limits and deductible options available, so you make the right choices for your business. We are independent agents. We have over a hundred carriers to choose from, so you get the right price, right carrier and right coverage for your liability exposures.

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Bodily Injury

Your business could cause serious bodily harm or even death to people. General Liability insurance will defend your business and indemnify a third party if you are responsible for someone else’s injury, disease or sickness, general liability insurance pays expenses such as : Medical care costs, Loss of services and Court-awarded compensation for deaths or injuries that result from an accident or occurrence.

Property Damage

If an accident or occurrence causes damage or loss to someone else’s property and you are legally responsible, your property damage pays for that damage.

Products – Completed Operations

Commercial general liability insurance policies may include liability protection for services or products completed by your company. If your company manufactures a product or produces a service which causes an injury, your liability policy will pay for any resulting legal expenses, and the damages resulting to your policy’s liability limit.

Personal & Advertising Injury

Commercial General Liability policies include Personal & Advertising Injury which responds to the following types of claims: publishing, verbally or in writing, false information that libels or slanders a person or organization, publishing material that violates an individual’s privacy rights , copying another company’s style of doing business, or advertising concepts infringing on another business’s title, copyright or slogan.

Medical Payments

This coverage is available for emergency medical treatment in the event a person is injured at your location. The coverage will respond without regard to any legal liability or fault of your business.

Save Up to 27% in Contractor General Liability Insurance With AmeriAgency. With More Than 20 Years of Experience, We’re Sure We Can Help!

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