Encompass Insurance – your home and your car are two of the most valuable assets you own. They are not only significant financial investments, but they also provide you with the comfort and convenience you need to live your life comfortably. However, protecting them can be complicated and expensive, especially when you have to purchase separate insurance policies. That’s where Encompass Insurance comes in. With them, you can protect both your home and auto with just one policy. This means more convenience, fewer bills, and better protection for your assets. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Encompass Insurance works and why it’s a smart choice for homeowners and car owners alike.

What is a bundled insurance policy?

A bundled insurance policy, also known as a package policy, allows you to combine various insurance policies under one plan. With Encompass Insurance, you can bundle your home and auto insurance policies, which will save you time and money. When you bundle your policies, you make one payment, and you have one renewal date. This means that you will have fewer bills to pay, and you’ll have more time to focus on other things.

One of the essential benefits of a bundled insurance policy is that you can customize your coverage options to meet your specific needs. You can choose from a variety of insurance coverage options, such as liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and more. The flexibility of the bundled policy allows you to tailor your policy to your unique circumstances, ensuring that you’re adequately protected.

Benefits of bundling Encompass home and auto insurance

There are several benefits to bundling your home and auto insurance policies with Encompass Insurance. Firstly, bundling your policies can save you money. They offer discounts to customers who bundle their policies, which can result in significant savings. Additionally, when you bundle your policies, you’ll have one payment and one renewal date, which can simplify your life and reduce stress.

Another advantage is that they offer customized coverage options. You can select the coverage that best meets your needs. For example, if you have a high-value home or luxury car, you can select additional coverage options to ensure that you’re protected. You can also add umbrella coverage, which provides you with additional liability protection.

Coverage options with Encompass Insurance

Encompass Insurance offers a wide variety of coverage options to its customers. They provide coverage for various types of homes, including single-family homes, condos, and townhouses. They also offer coverage for various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

Furthermore, they offer standard coverage options, such as liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. Liability coverage protects you if you’re at fault in an accident and someone else is injured, or their property is damaged. Collision coverage covers the cost of repairs or replacement if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers damages to your vehicle caused by non-collision events, such as theft, vandalism, or weather-related incidents.

Customizing your policy with additional coverage options

Encompass Insurance provides customers with the flexibility to customize their policies with additional coverage options. You can add coverage options such as personal property coverage, which covers damage or loss of personal belongings in your home or vehicle. You can also add rental reimbursement coverage, which pays for the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. Another coverage option is roadside assistance, which provides you with help if your vehicle breaks down on the road.

Encompass Insurance also offers umbrella coverage, which provides additional liability protection that goes beyond the limits of your home and auto policy. Umbrella coverage can be valuable if you’re at risk of being sued for damages that exceed your policy’s liability limits.

Discounts available with Encompass Insurance

Encompass Insurance offers several discounts to customers who bundle their policies. The more policies you bundle, the more money you can save. Encompass Insurance also offers discounts to customers who have multiple vehicles, have a safe driving record, or have installed safety features on their vehicles. Additionally, they provide discounts to customers who pay their premiums in full, enroll in automatic payments, or have a loyalty discount. Click here for the value of your vehicle.

Encompass Insurance customer reviews and ratings

Encompass Insurance has received positive reviews from its customers. Customers have praised Encompass Insurance for their responsiveness, helpfulness, and professionalism. Customers have also noted that Encompass Insurance offers competitive rates and excellent coverage options. Encompass Insurance has received high ratings from independent rating agencies such as AM Best, which rates insurance companies based on financial strength and stability.

How to get a quote and enroll with Encompass Insurance

Getting a quote is easy. You can visit their website and enter your information to receive a quote. You can also call their customer service number to speak with a representative. Once you’ve received a quote, you can enroll in a policy online or over the phone.

Encompass Insurance vs. other insurance providers

Encompass is not the only provider that offers bundled policies. Other insurance providers, such as Allstate, State Farm, and Nationwide, also provide bundled policies. However, Encompass Insurance distinguishes itself by offering customized coverage options, excellent customer service, and competitive rates.


Encompass Insurance is an splendid choice for homeowners and car owners who want to save time and money. Bundling your home and auto insurance policies can provide you with the convenience of having one payment and one renewal date. Additionally, They offer customized coverage options, discounts, and exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for a comprehensive insurance policy to protect your home and vehicle, Encompass Insurance is an excellent option to consider.