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Protect your food truck with food truck insurance coverages that match your small business’s needs. We offer custom commercial food truck policies with a variety of coverages and benefits. Need Tennessee car insurance?

Who needs it?

Businesses that commonly need food truck insurance include:

  • Mobile food trucks
  • Lunch trucks
  • Catering trucks
  • Concession trucks
  • Vending trucks
  • Ice cream trucks

How much does food truck insurance cost?

The cost of food truck insurance varies because food truck businesses, and the risks they pose, also vary

Several risk factors affect your rate, such as the type of foods you sell. A food truck that prepares grilled or fried foods can expect their rate to differ from a truck that sells prepackaged goods. The grills and fryers expose the business to additional risks.

Another example is the value of your truck and the equipment attached to it. For example, a food truck with $20,000 in attached equipment would justify a slightly higher rate than a food truck with $9,000 worth of attached equipment.

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Basic Food Truck Insurance Coverage:

  • Commercial Auto: An essential coverage for food trucks and trailers. Adding physical damage coverage to your policy not only protects your vehicle, but covers any permanently attached appliances and equipment.
  • General Liability: Protects your food truck business against financial liabilities that result from accidents for which you’re legally liable. This can include a customer becoming ill from contaminated food or being burned by hot food.

Other coverages you might need

  • Workers’ Compensation: Protects your employees who become injured or ill while at work. If you have employees, you probably need it.

To summarize basic food truck insurance policies usually consist of commercial auto insurance and general liability insurance, but may also include workers compensation, commercial property, inland marine, professional liability insurance, and more.

To find a rate that accurately reflects your food truck business, simply call us or start a quote online.

Food Truck Insurance Experts
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