Home Insurance, Murfreesboro, TN

Home Insurance Murfreesboro TN

We evaluated insurance quotes for a sample 2,000 square foot home in 70 cities across Tennessee to determine which cities had the highest and lowest annual home insurance costs. Based on this sample, we found that Tennessee homeowners pay an average of $1,716 per year for home insurance. Below, we profile a number of cities in Tennessee and evaluate their price differences for homeowners insurance. Read more about our findings below, or use our toolbar above to find the best homeowners insurance quotes in your area.

Home Insurance, Murfreesboro, TN

AmeriAgency Insurance averages much lower than $1,716 per year for home insurance, Murfreesboro, TN.

Home Insurance is generally sold as a package policy that combines property and liability coverage for the homeowner.  These packages can be endorsement to provide additional coverage if needed.  These endorsements often include valuable items that may have sub-limits in the standard homeowners policy.

Murfreesboro is the sixth most populous city in Tennessee. Due to its central location, it was formerly the capital of Tennessee from 1818 through 1826. Today, Murfreesboro is the fastest growing city in Tennessee and the 13th fastest growing city in the nation. The city is home to the Middle Tennessee State University which holds the largest undergraduate enrollment in the state. The city’s rapidly growing population and influx of well-educated college graduates has contributed to a general hike in real estate prices, making home prices in Murfreesboro among the most expensive in Tennessee.

Home insurance rates in Murfreesboro are 3% higher than the state average. The average home insurance quote for a sample home in Murfreesboro was $1,768, which is $52 more expensive than the state mean.

AmeriAgency Insurance averages much lower than $1,716 per year for home insurance Murfreesboro, TN.