Insurance For Craft Beer Operations

Insurance For Craft Beer Operations

Insurance For Craft Beer Operations – As a microbrewery, your products are unique – a reflection of you and your tastes. At AmeriAgency Insurance, we offer targeted insurance programs combined with local claims and loss control services that set us apart from the competition. Our Microbrewery Insurance program is formulated for all your major exposures, with coverage designed to help protect your livelihood in the event of an unexpected loss. Need a fast business insurance quote?

Craft Insurance For Craft Beer

Insurance For Craft Beer Operations – We have dedicated claims and loss control personnel located in every state with years of experience educating and helping business owners like you mitigate their individual risk.

Premise Liability & Brewery Tours

When you open your property to guests, you are responsible for their well-being. This is especially important if you offer tours of your brewing operations. Given the possible hazards that an untrained guest could be exposed to, it is significant to keep tours confined to safe areas and pre-planned routes. In case of a problem, liability insurance coverage can protect you. Require a quote?

Patron Intoxication & Liquor Liability Insurance

If you have a bar on premise, offer samples after brewery tours or serve alcohol to patrons in some other way, you open yourself up to potential liability. If a patron is over-served at your establishment and damages property or causes injury to themselves or other as a result of their intoxication, you could be held responsible for the related costs. To prevent liability associated with intoxicated guests, make sure you properly train your staff to prevent over-serving. As an additional safeguard, you can obtain liquor liability policies to cover damage costs in the event of a claim. Do you need insurance for a funeral parlor?

Why Choose AmeriAgency Insurance

Insurance For Craft Beer Operations – As one of the largest writers of breweries in the Country with over 100 brewery customers, we have focused expertise in your industry and in providing customers with the insurance products, expertise and service to help brewery owners like you manage their exposures.