Lawn Care Insurance Tennessee

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Lawn Care Insurance Tennessee

What is Lawn Care Insurance in Tennessee?

Lawn care insurance is designed to protect your lawn care business in the event that a bodily injury or property damage claim is filed against you because of your negligence. It can also help you recoup the costs of stolen or damaged equipment.

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Do I Need it?

We’ll give you the most honest answer and say no. It is not required by law to have landscaping insurance. However, is it a necessity for a successful business owner?

Yes. As a lawn care business owner, there is no way for you to completely eliminate the risk of injury or property damage on your job sites. In the event of a lawsuit, attorney’s fees and judgement costs can cripple or derail your business. Lawn care insurance protects you when something goes wrong.

There are various kinds of insurance available to you as a lawn care business owner, including:

  • business liability
  • theft
  • inventory loss
  • professional liability
  • company vehicle insurance
  • forgery protection
  • identity theft protection
  • mechanical breakdown
  • property damage insurance

An attorney or legal advisor can help you to sort out these various types of insurance and what they can do to protect your business. Some of the basic types of business liability insurance are:

  • General liability, which guards against law suits from customers due to something that happened either on company property or as a result of using one of your services or products,
  • Employers’ liability, which protects against employees who bring a suit against the company on account of pay discrepancies or other complaints, including some on the job accidents, and automotive liability, which covers injuries and damages if an employee is hurt while operating a company vehicle or damages someone else’s property.

These types of basic insurance are almost always essential. As stated, business liability coverage protects you and your company from lawsuits, which can be necessary to keep your company afloat. Attorney costs add up quickly and can lead to bankruptcy if you do not have adequate protection.

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