The need for painting contractor workers’ compensation is great. Interior painting professionals may be easily injured in their workplaces and should carry appropriate insurance coverage in case of accidents. Workers’ compensation, sometimes called workers’ comp or workman’s comp, can help cover medical fees and lost wages for painter-work-related injuries.

Not only is painting workers’ comp coverage legally required for almost all interior painting businesses with employees, it also helps provide protection for the business by reducing its financial risk. For every dollar spent on a workers’ comp claim, $5 are spent in indirect costs—such as lost productivity, hiring and retraining paint workers, and replacing or repairing damaged equipment.

The most common injuries experienced by interior paint company employees are:

– Slips and falls
– Exposure to contaminants and fumes
– Toxic chemical exposure
– Repetitive stress injuries
– Tearing of the rotator cuff

What does workers’ compensation insurance cover?

Workers’ compensation insurance helps provide medical, rehabilitation, and disability benefits for painters who become injured as a direct result of their job. Workers’ comp may also pay death benefits to an employee’s dependents if the painter is killed in a work-related incident.

Painting Contractor Workers’ Compensation

In addition to helping painters and their families, workers’ compensation insurance can also help protect painting business owners. Workers’ compensation helps protect interior painting businesses from liability for employees’ workplace injuries, and it helps keep employers from having to pay directly out of pocket for those injuries. This coverage may reduce the risk of a significant financial loss if a painting employee is harmed while performing work duties.

Depending on the laws in your state, to be considered compensable and therefore eligible for workers’ compensation, painting injuries must:

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