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Renters Insurance Murfreesboro TN

The city of Murfreesboro was ranked by Money Magazine in 2008 as the 84th best place to live in the U.S. out of 745 cities with populations more than 50,000. It was the capital of Tennessee until 1826, and served as an Union Army base during the Revolutionary War and the site of the Battle of Stones River. These days, the city continues to grow in population with one of the county’s biggest employers, Nissan. We found the second most affordable renters insurance, Murfreesboro, TN for our sample property, which was 9.1% lower than the average for the state.  Need renters insurance elsewhere in Tennessee?

Renters Insurance, Murfreesboro, TN

There are six cities in Tennessee with more than 120,000 residents, and many of those are renters. To see who in Tennessee has the cheapest and the most expensive renters insurance, our study gathered data for one sample property (a rental property with roughly 1,000 square feet of living space and $100,000 in liability coverage). We found the most expensive municipality had renters insurance rate that were 24% higher than the cheapest. The rates in our study have comparative value, but are not indicative of what all tenants can expect to pay for their renters insurance.  Do you require renters insurance, Johnson City, TN?  Once you buy a policy, you will get this.

The cheapest renters insurance in Tennessee can be found in areas surrounding Nashville. No single city in Tennessee has exceptionally cheap renters insurance, but all the top five cheapest places in our study had rates for our sample property that were at least 9.4% lower than the average for the state.

Rank City Average Annual Rate % Difference vs State Average
1 Clarksville $342 -9.4%
2 Murfreesboro 343 -9.1%
3 Columbia 343 -9.0%
4 Franklin 343 -8.9%
5 Dickson 344 -8.7%

Here are the top 5 myths—and the facts—about renters insurance Murfreesboro TN:

  1. The landlord’s insurance covers your possessions. Don’t count on it. Most landlords’ insurance covers only the building and damages due to negligence. Coverage for some of the most common causes of property damage and loss, such as theft, vandalism, and fire, is entirely up to you. Without renters insurance, you may have to bear the financial burden of a loss on your own.
  2. Renters insurance is expensive. In this case, the numbers speak for themselves. According to the IIABA, the average renters policy costs just $12 a month for up to $30,000 in personal property coverage. That’s solid coverage for less than the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a week.
  3. Still concerned about price? Your insurer will work with you to find the combination of coverage and costs that suits your needs. You might even qualify for a discount by taking some simple home safety precautions or purchasing another policy, such as auto insurance, with the same insurer.
  4. You don’t need insurance if your stuff isn’t expensive. Most renters’ belongings cost more than they think. In fact, the average person has over $20,000 worth of belongings that are probably not covered by a landlord’s policy.
  5. Think that number is too high? Take a moment to add up the approximate cost of your computer, television, stereo, furniture, jewelry, and clothing. If a fire gutted your apartment tomorrow, would you have the cash to replace it all?
  6. Renters insurance covers only your possessions. In fact, renters insurance covers much more than just your personal property: The average policy also includes up to $100,000 in liability coverage. That means in the event of a covered loss, your insurer will help cover the costs if you’re held responsible for injuring another person or damaging another person’s property, including your landlord’s. Moreover, this coverage applies whether the incident occurred within your residence or elsewhere.
  7. Renters insurance is hard to get. The Internet makes getting renters insurance easier than ever. You can research providers, compare quotes, and even find an agent online. Or, just as easily, you can place a quick call to an insurance representative. Answer a few questions and you’re likely to get a rate quote almost immediately.