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We know that roofing companies have had challenges with their Roofers Workers Compensation Insurance over the years. Roofers Work Comp rates are usually higher than most other industries, and big surprises always seem to pop-up around audit time. 

Contractors Workers Comp

General Liability Insurance is a fundamental part of general contractors workers compensation insurance. General Liability Insurance (GL) provides protection against lawsuits and other financial liabilities that can result from accidents. GL is often bundled with other coverages in a Business Owner’s Insurance Policy (BOP). As a general contractor, you might not need all these coverages. You could be eligible to get roofing workers comp with general liability protection without a BOP if available in your area.

Protect Yourself & Business

Protect yourself and your business with contractors insurance. Our contractor’s insurance could provide you with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) with General Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance – all in one place! This helps to reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple companies and contacts to purchase and maintain your contractor’s insurance. Call AmeriAgency for the best rates for workers comp for roofers.

Contractors Vehicle Insurance

In addition to excellent commercial vehicle claims services, we can also offer flexible payment options. We provide many types of contractor vehicle insurance, including:

We offer a variety of Business Insurance Services – All SIC Class Codes.
Including but not limited to:
Cable Installers – 1731
Farmers – 0111-0851
Ship Building and Repairing – 3731
Oil Jobbers – 29-138
Painters – 1721
Janitorial – 9014
Contractors – 1521, 1531, 1541, 1542, 1629
Landscaping Lawn and Garden – 0782
Plumbers – 1711
Roofers Workers Compensation Insurance – 1761

Carpenters – 1751
Masons – 1741
Iron and Steel Workers – 1791
Truckers – 4213
Restaurants and Bars – 9058, 9084, 9083, 9082

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