school supplies
Beginning of school supplies for your child’s teacher! 

Our teachers take care of our most precious possessions! Our CHILDREN. Are you looking for a way to start the year off on the right foot? What about beginning the year by showing your son or daughter’s teacher how much they mean to you and your family?
Here is a short list of school supplies that almost any teacher would love to have to start the year and keep things going smoothly.
Do you have a little extra while you are at the store buying this year’s list of school supplies?  Maybe you could consider some of these things for your teachers, too!
You may even have some of these items at home that you could pass on.

Preschool and Elementary Level Teachers:
For art in the classroom: Glue sticks, paper towels, white paper plates, lunch bags, yarn, containers, a new hot glue gun with glue sticks, spray adhesive, Tacky Glue, sticky tack, clothes pins, card stock paper
For the treasure chest/ giveaways for kids: stickers, bulk party items, popular TV and Movie character pencils, pens, etc.

To promote reading: Send in fake glasses, for example, Harry Potter glasses with no lenses or clear lenses or inexpensive sunglasses. Try sending books, bookmarks, book covers to protect the books your teacher sends home, and journals.

School supplies to promote math: collections of items to count, calculators, dry erase markers and boards, various size rulers and measuring instruments

School Supplies for Science and Math too: plants, gardening tools, kid size tools, thermometers, measuring cups, science books

School Supplies for your teacher’s personal needs: a tool box, essential oils, hand lotion, nice soft facial tissue, colored file folders, cute desk supplies, high quality pens just for them to use, and of course, gift cards!

Teachers use an enormous amount of their salary to stock their own classroom. Extra school supplies from their students will always come in handy. They would be so appreciative to have something to help out!
Enjoy your school year!!!

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