Our pet insurance, in simple terms

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Pet Insurance

We’ve broken down some of our plan wording here to provide helpful explanations – and we hope it makes getting to grips with what’s what a lot easier for you. Pet Insurance, Yes.

But if there’s any difference between what we’ve said here and what the plan wording says – the plan wording wins out.
Remember that our plan has exclusions too (meaning that there are certain things which aren’t covered).
Even if we say something’s covered below, exclusions in the plan wording still apply.

Alternative and holistic treatments

This refers to non-traditional therapies, like hydrotherapy or acupuncture. Our plans cover these types of treatment.

Chronic condition

This is an Illness or Injury which can be treated but not Cured. This type of condition could be covered, so long as it’s not a Pre-existing condition.
For example, if your pet injures a bone, is in some discomfort or pain, and the injury will never fully heal, your plan could cover the cost of prescription drugs to help relieve their pain, or physiotherapy to manage the condition. Are you looking for vet office insurance?

Pet Insurance Co-pay

Your co-pay is a contribution towards the cost of each claim you make. It’s based on a percentage. For example, if you had a 20% co-pay and no Deductible, and you made a $1,000 claim, you’d pay $200 towards the cost and your insurer would pick up the rest of the bill.

Covered veterinary expenses

This is the term we use to refer to all vet’s expenses that are covered by your plan (meaning they’re the expenses you can claim for).


It might seem like common sense, but we have to be really specific about what ‘cured’ means in terms of our plan.
It means that an Illness or Injury your pet had now has no effect on them, and they’ve been restored to normal health.
They don’t need any further treatment or help from a vet.

Pet Insurance Deductible

Your deductible is a contribution towards the cost of each claim you make. The deductibles on our plans are annual, so if you had a $500 deductible and a 0% Co-pay, then made a $1,000 claim, you’d pay a $500 deductible on that claim.
If you then made another claim that year, no deductible would be taken from your claim’s value, as you’d already paid it.


A change in your pet’s health relating to a sickness or disease. That includes a sickness or disease that’s directly caused by your pet being pregnant (but breeding and pregnancy procedures aren’t covered by the plan).


By this, we mean physical harm to your pet’s body which you couldn’t have predicted. For example, if they run, accidentally fall down a set of stairs and hurt themselves, that’d be covered.


Your limit is the maximum amount you can claim for over the course of a plan year.
With TrustedPals, you can choose a limit of $4,000, $8,000 or $15,000 – or pick an unlimited plan, which means there’s no limit to the amount you can claim.

Pre-existing conditions

This is what we call any Illness or Injury your pet had before the plan was taken out.
We don’t cover these, or any Illness or Injury that develops as the result of a pre-existing condition. However, new conditions that don’t relate to any pre-existing conditions would be covered.


Or just ‘vet’ for short. This means a properly licensed and registered professional who is actively practising in the state where your pet gets examined, or receives treatment.
But the vet can’t be you or a member of your immediate family (for example, your husband, wife, brother or sister), even if you (or they) are a fully licensed and registered vet. Pet insurance, yes.

Waiting period

This is how long your pet has to wait from the time the plan is bought, to the time their coverage starts. Our waiting period is just 14 days, which is one of the shortest in the industry!
However, there’s a 12-month waiting period for Illnesses or Injuries which relate to hip dysplasia or cruciate ligament injuries. So long as you renew the plan after the first year, and carry on renewing it, these conditions would be covered after the first year.


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