If you’re someone who doesn’t own a car but still drive regularly, you may have heard of non owner’s auto insurance. This type of insurance can provide coverage for drivers who don’t have their own vehicle but still need protection in case of an accident. In this post, we’ll explore what non owner’s auto insurance is, what it covers, and whether you require it. Non-owner’s auto insurance is a liability policy for people who don’t own a car, but often drive cars owned by others. It provides liability coverage for injuries or damages you cause in an accident. If you have a non-owner policy and are in an accident, the car owner’s insurance will typically pay first. That’s because insurance coverage follows the vehicle.

What Is Non Owner’s Auto Insurance?

This type of car insurance policy provides liability coverage for drivers who don’t own a car. It’s typically less expensive than a traditional car insurance policy because it only covers liability, not physical damage to a vehicle. Non owner’s auto insurance can be purchased as a standalone policy or added as an endorsement to an existing policy. Non-owner car insurance can be helpful if the car owner’s liability limits are too low to fully cover the incident, or if you’re denied coverage under the owner’s policy. It can also provide you with proof of insurance if you need to file an SR-22 form. It’s important to note that non-owner car insurance is an individual policy. Usually this means you’re the only one who is covered, not your spouse or another driver.

What Does Non Owner’s Cover?

Non owner’s provides liability coverage for damages and injuries you may cause while driving someone else’s car. This includes bodily injury liability, which covers medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages to other people if you’re at fault in an accident, as well as property damage liability, which covers damage to other people’s property. It’s important to note that non owner’s auto insurance does not cover physical damage to the car you’re driving, nor does it cover any injuries or damages you may incur in an accident. Click here for the value of your non-owned car.

Do You Need Non Owner’s Auto Insurance?

Whether you need this type of insurance depends on your specific situation. If you regularly drive someone else’s car, such as a friend or family member’s vehicle, non owner’s auto insurance can provide important liability coverage in case of an accident. Additionally, if you frequently rent cars, non owner’s can be a cost-effective way to ensure you have liability coverage when driving a rental vehicle.

However, if you never drive or only drive very rarely, you may not need non owner’s. In this case, you may be covered under the car owner’s insurance policy or a rental car company’s insurance if you’re renting a car. It’s important to check with the car owner or rental company to confirm what type of insurance coverage is provided before driving any vehicle. Click here for coverage in North Carolina.

Final Thoughts

Non owner’s can provide important liability coverage for drivers who don’t own a car but still need to drive regularly. If you fall into this category, it’s worth considering purchasing non owner’s auto insurance to protect yourself and others on the road. As with any insurance policy, be sure to shop around and compare quotes from multiple providers to find the best coverage at the best price.