Kids Off To College? New Risks

Kids Off To College Kids Off To College? New Risks Computer Equipment Your son or daughter probably needs some new, expensive computer equipment. When they were in high school, they probably used a desk top computer, but they now have a laptop. Laptops, by the very nature of their portability, are much more susceptible to […]

Home Health: Tips for Making Your Home Healthy

Home Healthy? Home Health: Tips for Making Your Home Healthy It’s the place where we seek rest and respite from the demands of the workday and the outside world. It’s where we spend quality time with friends and family. Furthermore, it’s where we cook, eat, sleep, shower, and sit by the fire. It’s home, and […]

Top Issues for Small Business Owners

Top Issues for Small Business Owners According to the Small Business Association (SBA), the number of small businesses is growing. Recent data shows a newly upward trend in startups, and an influx of jobs created by businesses with less than 50 employees, which has positively contributed to a declining unemployment rate. Still, only about half […]

Assignment of Benefits Fraud: Fraud That Everyone Pays

Assignment of Benefits Fraud Preventing Assignment of Benefits Fraud for Home and Business Your home or business is damaged. Your first priority is to get it fixed right away, so you call a contractor to assess the situation and give you an estimate on the repair cost. It makes sense: the insurance company will want […]

Outsource: What Does It Mean to Outsource

Outsourcing has become a common term in the business world, but what exactly does it mean to outsource? In simple terms, outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring external resources to handle tasks and functions that were previously performed internally. This strategic move allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise […]

Ordinance or Law Coverage: A Complete Guide to This Coverage

Ordinance or Law Coverage – As you navigate the wide array of insurance options available, it’s essential to find coverage that not only fits your needs but also provides a sense of security. In this comprehensive guide to Ordinance or Law Coverage insurance options, we delve into the diverse range of coverage plans offered by […]

Commercial Insurance – Time Element Coverages

Time Element Insurance – Time Element Coverages and Dependent Property Time Element Coverage TIME ELEMENT COVERAGES Time Element forms provide coverage for the intangible economic losses that occur following a direct damage loss to tangible property. These are future-looking forms and coverage is based on the loss of anticipated economic benefits. Time Element Coverage—Business Income […]

Tennessee Car Insurance Laws

Tennessee Car Insurance Laws AmeriAgency wants you to get the Tennessee car insurance limits you need to get on the road for as little cost as possible. But, before you buy auto insurance, it’s important to know Tennessee car insurance laws so you can make sure you meet the legal requirements in the Volunteer State. Tennessee […]

Motorcycle Insurance Basics: The Guide to Discounts

Motorcycle Insurance Basics Whether you’re a recreational motorcyclist or a serious cross-country rider, be sure you know the motorcycle insurance basics to protect yourself on the road.  Click here for information on State Farm motorcycle insurance. In most (but not all) states, motorcyclists are required to have basic liability insurance, which covers injuries to others […]

Insurance Needs for Home Additions and Renovations

Insurance Needs for Home Additions and Renovations Adding on to your home, completing major or minor renovations, or making upgrades to outdated plumbing or electrical systems can all have a positive impact on the value of a property. But did you know they can also change your insurance needs? Here’s what you should do to […]