AmeriAgency Insurance vs Miller Insurance In Murfreesboro TN

 AmeriAgency Insurance vs Miller Insurance In Murfreesboro TN

AmeriAgency Insurance vs Miller Insurance In Murfreesboro TN – Both Good Companies – It Just Comes Down To Choice.

AmeriAgency Insurance and Miller & Loughry Insurance are the two largest insurance agencies in Rutherford county.  AmeriAgency is a national agency with its  headquarters based in Murfreesboro.  Miller and Loughery is a bank owned agency based in Murfreesboro.  Both are quality agencies that associate with great insurance carriers.  Both agencies owe some of their fast growth to acquiring other local agencies in Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas.

Below are ten of the things that make AmeriAgency Insurance and Miller Insurance in Murfreesboro TN great insurance  agencies.

10. Problem-solver

Do you enjoy coming up with creative solutions to problems? Much of this job is helping clients find the right insurance policies for their needs. If you get a sense of accomplishment from finding the right solution for a client, this career might be for you.

9. Self-motivated

Are you someone that can get yourself going every day without a ton of structure? To succeed in insurance sales, one must be a self-starter. Being an insurance agent means working more than just 9:00 to 5:00 (you can get more details about that here). It takes a lot of internal motivation to stay on track. Persistence and follow-up are keys to success.

8. Honest

This might seem obvious, but unethical insurance agents rarely stay in business very long. Telling the truth to clients is what will win respect and trust, which will result in higher retention of clients.

7. Sense of urgency

A great work ethic is required to be a top producing insurance agent. You must have the tenacity to pursue every lead and stay on top of follow-ups. Miller Insurance Murfreesboro Tennessee

6. Resilience

If you are deterred easily by rejection, this career may not be for you. An insurance agent must be prepared to hear no often and not be fazed by it. It takes a great deal of patience to achieve success in this industry.

AmeriAgency Insurance vs Miller Insurance In Murfreesboro TN

5. Passionate

To be a good insurance agent, it is important to be upbeat and engaging with clients. The more energy and enthusiasm you show for helping clients, the more you will connect with them.

4. Communication Skills

Insurance is difficult for the average person to understand. Insurance agents who can easily explain coverage options in easy to digest ways are going to have much greater success than those who cannot.  Miller Insurance Murfreesboro Tennessee

3. Good Listener

The key to being a good insurance agent is putting the needs of the client first. In order to do this, it is essential an agent listen carefully to what their prospective clients need and clearly demonstrate their interest in providing a proper solution. No one wants a stereotypical salesperson that won’t stop talking.

2. Networking Skills

Do you have a large network? Are you comfortable asking friends, family, and clients for referrals? In order to grow your book of business, asking for referrals and networking will need to be second nature to you.  Miller Insurance Murfreesboro Tennessee

1. Love of Learning

The insurance industry changes all the time, and it is essential to stay-up-to-date on policies and state regulations and meet continuing education requirements. Good insurance agents love learning and want to understand the tax and legal aspects of the products they sell, as well as how they fit into a client’s financial portfolio.


AmeriAgency Insurance vs Miller Insurance In Murfreesboro TN

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