Bar Insurance Nashville

Bar Insurance Nashville

Bar Insurance Nashville

Congratulations, opening a bar or tavern in Music City is a proud achievement that is sure to be a wonderful financial journey. Here, we inform you about the necessary measures you should take in order to protect you and your new business.

General Liability Insurance

Premises liability exposures are typically pretty high for bars due to public access to the premises and the serving of alcoholic beverages, which can impair motor abilities and increase the likelihood of trips, slips or falls. Because lighting is normally subdued, any change of elevation should be carefully marked. All fire exits should be plainly visible from any part of the premises, and kept unlocked from the inside during business hours. Chairs, particularly bar stools, should be regularly checked for cracks and fatigue. Guests should not be permitted to climb on top of chairs, stools, bars or tables.

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Bar Insurance Programs

We offer comprehensive programs for:

  • Bar Insurance
  • Sports Bar Insurance
  • Brewpub Insurance
  • Wine Bar Insurance
  • Alehouse Insurance
  • Tavern Insurance
  • Pub Insurance
  • Martini Bar Insurance
  • Bar & Grill Insurance

What Are Some of the Things Covered in Our Policies?

Acceptable exposures include:

  • 100% alcohol sales
  • Dancing
  • Live entertainment
  • Incidental gambling
  • Ladies night
  • Temporary serving locations
  • Bottle Service

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance will protect your business from losses resulting from physical damage to property you own. Such property may include the building where your bar operates and personal property you use in your business. Many bar owners obtain property insurance as part of a package policy. Some insurers offer policies that are specially tailored to liquor purveyors.

What do we recommend?

Coverages Recommended for Bars and Taverns:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Liquor Liability Coverage
  • Business Personal Property
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Business Income with Extra Expense
  • Commercial Crime/Employee Dishonesty
  • Umbrella Coverage

Save Up to 27% in Bar Insurance Nashville With AmeriAgency. With More Than 20 Years of Experience, We’re Sure We Can Help!

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Bar Insurance Nashville
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