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Bars and restaurants alike are legitimate businesses that require different types of insurance coverage because of the nature of work that goes on there. Not only is alcohol served to patrons, but your employees also need insurance coverage for their well-being. Below we get into the specific types of insurance you require for your tavern, bar, or liquor establishment. With these conditions, comes risk. If you need help finding the best way to minimize the risk on your insurance policy, AmeriAgency has more than 20 years of experience finding the best bar insurance in Knoxville. If your bar is in Nashville, click here.

Local businesses still face a lot of risk, compared to larger companies. Many of the alcohol-related claims against New Orleans bars and restaurants stem from injuries during fights between patrons. One fight could mean years in court and thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, even if the court ultimately rules in favor of the business. Is your bar in Georgia?

Alcohol service is almost a universal feature of the Knoxville hospitality industry and one that can leave bars and restaurants exposed to a world of risks. The largest bars and restaurants in New Orleans often carry what is known as liquor liability insurance, coverage that protects a business against damages claimed as a result of a patron becoming intoxicated and injuring themselves or others.

Some (not all) of the businesses we work with:

Some of these overlap with different atmospheres, but here are some of the additional businesses we still work with

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