Tennessee Auto Insurance Companies

Tennessee Auto Insurance Companies
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Tennessee Auto Insurance Companies

We analyzed quotes from Tennessee auto insurance companies to determine which insurance companies have the cheapest car insurance rates. Our research also evaluated customer feedback to determine the best auto insurance companies in the state.

The cost of car insurance in Tennessee varies widely from city to city, and even between different insurers in the same region. For example, the priciest insurer was $2,328 more expensive than the cheapest insurer in Memphis. That’s why it’s always important for consumers to compare multiple quotes when shopping for car insurance coverage. Read more about our study below, or enter your zip code above to compare auto insurance rates among top U.S. insurers near you.

Cheap Car Insurance in Tennessee

To find the companies with the lowest auto insurance rates, we reviewed and ranked the average annual quotes for a single 30-year-old man driving a Toyota Camry across 44 cities in Tennessee. Here are the five companies who had the cheapest quotes, with a comparison of their average annual premiums to the statewide mean.

This graph shows the top five cheap auto insurance companies in the state of Tennessee, and compares their rates to the state average.

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The cheapest car insurance companies in Tennessee were: Cincinnati, GEICO, Nationwide, and Westfield. Overall, the five cheapest companies had an average premium of $883 a year, which is 26% cheaper than the Tennessee average. Just keep in mind that each driver’s rates will differ depending on their driving record, liability protection amounts, and where they live, etc. – exactly why consumers should compare quotes from local insurers to get the lowest rates.

The table below has the top 10 Tennessee insurance companies in terms of price. The companies are ranked in the order of lowest insurance costs per year to highest. Or, enter your zip code above to find the cheapest Tennessee auto insurance quotes near you.

Best Car Insurance in Tennessee

We ruled out smaller insurers such as Direct General, Erie, or The Hartford. We arrived at these by measuring customer satisfaction among the major auto insurance companies operating in Tennessee. The metric we chose was a complaint index, which consists of a company’s share of complaints versus its share of direct premiums underwritten in Tennessee. This takes into account how a company performs relative to its competitors. A lower index number indicates fewer complaints, which indicates more satisfied policyholders, in our view. We also limited our review to the ten largest auto insurance companies in Tennessee, which combined insured 80% of drivers in the state, to be relevant to most drivers. This ruled out smaller insurers such as Direct General, Erie, or The Hartford.